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"KG Blue Choco Fudge Delight we call him "Fudge" he is now 6lbs full grown. He is animated and turns his head from side to side to figure out what your saying. lol. He is loveable and loves to eat.

Fudge is now proven and has some of the most beautiful puppies. He is Russian lines, AKC reg 6lbs chocolate and white long coat male.

"Chilove's As Good As It Gets "Jovani" Jo Jo for short. AKC reg smooth coat chocolate merle spotted on white 5lbs full grown. I am so exited to have this baby bred by me, join my breeding program.  His parents are Greer a Ukraine import, owned his great great grand mother Gucci, his great grand mother Furdie and his mother Greer is still here. His dad Apollo is from an amazing breeder Candice at Loucans chihuahuas and has Russian lines. He has been proven and his babies are show stoppers.


Macheo is full grown now he is a 4 lbs sable long coat. AKC reg Embark tested and cleared. No longer in our breeding program 

Chihuahua Chart

Use this chart to get an idea how big your chihuahua could be full grown.

Roach Back

Roach back in dogs is a defect and can be painful depends on severity of it. Dogs with roach back should not be bred.

chihuahua chart 

This chart helps to determine head types, coat types and colors

What our customers are saying

Wonderful breeder! she will update you with pictures until you're able to pick your puppy up.

Deedra care's where her puppies go! she has been breeding for over 30 years and does this because she loves the breed. she has some amazing dogs. Her dogs are treated like family.

Lyn Diane Rix recommends Chilove Chihuahuas.

August 20, 2018 · 

Love chilove chihuahuas. I’ve got three beautiful babies from Deedra. Wouldn’t buy from anyone else❤️

recommends Chilove Chihuahuas.

Yvonne Forsythe Newell July 14, 2019 · 


We have two of the sweetest pups. Deedra Jenkens gives them so much love before we got them. They love being around people and other animals.

Audrey Mann recommends Chilove Chihuahuas. March 31, 2020

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