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Chilove Chihuahuas


 Hi I'm Deedra from Chilo​ve Chihuahuas home of the AKC and CKC chihuahuas. We are located in sunny Ha​mpton, Virginia 20 miles from Norfolk, Va and one hour from Richmond, VA. ​Here we breed our puppies to the AKC standard of 2-6 lbs. I have been a breeder for 40 yrs with various breeds, I settled on chihuahuas 29 yrs ago. Our puppies come to you pre spoiled, loved and very well socialized. Our puppies will have 1st shot, be dewormed several times, vet che​cked and come with a one year health guarantee. We also have a waiting list so that you can ensure that you are able to get a puppy from us. All of our breeding moms and dads have been DNA and Health tested and cleared prior to being bred. We use Embark and Wisdom testing kits.


  Our prices are $2000 - $3500 the puppies are priced by size, coat, color, registry, pedigree and standard/confirmation. I feel the need to type a message regarding prices. If you just want a pet or have no intentions to breed or register your puppy or any other reason you think the price should be altered. Remember, you are purchasing a Quality puppy that precautions have been taken to create, to ensure you can get what you are paying for. Just because you have no intention of registering, showing or breeding the quality of the puppy does not change. If you are looking for a cheap pet that is not healthy, then you are on the wrong website. We hope that all of our puppies will become someone's pet first anyway.

  We specialize in socialization from day one. I hold the babies from day one. At the age of 5 wks my son plays with them for hours a day with my help and supervision. We get them started on puppy pads potty training.

We vet check them and would never send our babies home with no shots or vet check to lower the prices. Not here, we wont.




Our set up has seperate areas for each mom and her babies. We keep their areas clean and sanitized. We also have outside areas for exercise as well for the adults. We use our deck for outside play for puppies. We do not put them on the ground since they do not have all sets of puppy shots. We also provide play areas for the babies to socialize and learn potty training.


CALL ME: 757-947-7895

We are a merle friendly breeder family, however our lines are non merle, only the actual merles carry the merle gene.  


Ground Transport is now available

 My good friend of 15 yrs William Jenkins has agreed to do ground transportation for our puppies and other breeders puppies in our area and along his routes. He is loyal and honest and will be able to transport 4 crates with babies comfortably. Email me at or call me at 757-947-7895 to coordinate if you need to use this service. 

  All puppies will need vet check with health certificate and must have it's first shot to be eligible to be transported. Currently we are doing routes from Hampton, Va to DC, MD, Delaware, Pa, NJ and NY as well as NC and SC



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